What is kickboxing and is it right for you? This guide will help you understand what kickboxing is and if it would be suitable for your goals. If you are looking for a sport where you get to kick some butt as well as work out your entire body, kickboxing might be the sport for you. If you are in Mobile and want to try out kickboxing, Port City Kickboxing Academy offers your first session free — so contact us now to schedule your free kickboxing session.

Kickboxing: The Basics

Kickboxing is a popular sport that mixes elements of karate, boxing, and other forms of martial arts. Unlike wrestling or muay thai, kickboxing does not involve things like elbows and grappling, and primarily emphasizes kicking and punching.

History of Kickboxing

Kickboxing began in Japan in the 1950s, and started to catch on in the U.S. in the 70s, primarily as the result of a number of competitions held by the Professional Karate Association (PKA). Kickboxing is essentially a hybrid of other martial arts, and was one of the earliest forms of mixed martial arts to become widely popular. It has since contributed to the popularization of other hybridized martial arts practices.

Benefits of Kickboxing

Besides the built-in self-defense training that comes with learning kickboxing, kickboxing as a sport also comes with some other benefits.

Whole-body Training

Unlike boxing, where you are exclusively relying on punching, kickboxing relies on the legs as well. Because of this, you are getting a much more whole-body workout, incorporating both cardio and strength training. In particular, kickboxing helps build core strength, back, chest, and endurance.

Exercise Your Mind

Kickboxing trains you to be fast, both physically and mentally. Getting that rapid hand/foot eye coordination will help give you the strength, flexibility, and confidence to take on challenges that are bigger than you. You become used to dealing with challenges through this martial art, and learn how to develop the self-discipline to push through difficult tasks and come out successful on the other side. Kickboxing also can help you enter a heightened state of awareness, where you aren’t worrying and are much more at peace. You may learn to cut out background noise better and focus on the things that matter most in life through regular practice of kickboxing.

Lose Weight

One common reason people take up kickboxing is because it can contribute to some significant calorie burn. According to Muscle and Fitness Magazine, kickboxing can burn over 800 calories per hour. Add that to the fact that you’ll also be toning and strengthening your body in the process, and it’s not surprising why kickboxing has become such a popular choice for people looking to lose weight.

Become More Confident

Confidence comes not only from knowing that you can handle a specific situation, but having the attitude of someone who can handle almost any situation. Kickboxing helps train you to deal with the unexpected with confidence. When you do kickboxing, your brain also gets a flood of endorphins, which will make you feel happier and more confident for hours after a workout.

What Next?

If this all sounds like exactly what you have been looking for, you may be ready to sign up for your first kickboxing class. If you are in Mobile and are looking to get trained by the best trainers in the region, you can’t do better than checking out Port City Kickboxing Academy. When you choose Port City you also get your first lesson free, so you’ll be able to find out if it is right for you without any cost. Ready to get started? Contact us today to sign up for your free lesson.