We’re excited to offer numerous classes to younger martial artists, helping them build self-esteem, confidence, and valuable skills.

We’re here to make martial arts fun, helpful, and empowering for kids of all ages, and our teachers love maximizing class time by keeping activities engaging and making sure your child goes home having grown personally. We don’t take the time we have with your child for granted!

We’ve broken our kids’ classes into three different age ranges to make sure that our students interact with teammates around their age. We want your child to make friends and find a positive, fun community with us. Check out the possibilities below:

Kids’ Classes (5-8)

● Kids’ BJJ

Youth Classes (9-12)

● Kickboxing

● Juniors’ BJJ/Wrestling

Teen Classes (13-18)

● Teens’ BJJ

Whether you need an after-school activity for your child or you want to give him or her skills to handle bullies, we are the answer. We know how to use play to help little kids learn, and we know how to treat teens with respect and help them work through their emotions using martial arts. Many times, martial arts are a relief for kids who just need a place to let go and grow. Learn more about a free class today!