True fitness not only makes your muscles stronger — it makes you stronger as a person.

At Port City Kickboxing Academy, we’re proud to offer you the opportunity to train like professional kickboxers without the sparring. Whether you’re excited about the fitness benefits or you want a taste of what it would be a professional kickboxer, we’re your new home in Port City. Let us welcome you to your free class!

This hour-long class takes you through the warm ups, exercises, drills, and bag work that we use to get our pros into winning shape. You won’t be sparring, but you’ll get the same encouragement, attention, and intensity as our professional competitors. This is a fantastic class for anyone wanting to take their fitness to the next level or test out what training for professional competition might be like.

When you choose Port City Kickboxing Academy, you get a team of allies who will seek to understand your unique goals when it comes to kickboxing. As your teachers, we love our art, and we understand that everyone’s journey is different.

That is why we maintain a friendly, respectful environment where people at all fitness levels can thrive. Learn why we’re Port City’s premier martial arts community in your free class!