Welcome to our kickboxing class, an all-levels-welcome experience that gives you a chance to get in shape and let off steam while learning the basics of Thai boxing.

You’ll get to exercise your mind and body while building friendships in our accepting community. Thanks to the support and teaching of our experienced teachers, you’ll quickly build mastery and confidence that boosts you in other parts of life.

This is an hour-long class that includes warm ups, drill work, and bag work. Whether you’ve trained before or it’s your very first experience, you’ll love learning the drills and letting loose on our heavy bags under the guidance of world-class competitors excited to help and encourage you in any way they can.

Kickboxing offers a unique combination of solo work and partner work, allowing you to build a personal community while growing as an individual, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

At Port City Kickboxing Academy, we foster a welcoming, supportive environment where students feel a real camaraderie and sense of fun that empowers them to be true to themselves as they pursue their goals.

We look forward to meeting you — try a free class today!