Combing strength, endurance, and flexibility, wrestling is an incredible way for anyone to take their fitness to the next level. At Port City Kickboxing Academy, we’re proud to offer wrestling classes that can be enjoyed by students of all ages and experience levels.

No matter when you start to wrestle, it not only benefits you physically; it’s also a fantastic way to build self-confidence, good sportsmanship, and more. Whether you have a child who’s climbing the walls or you want to try wrestling yourself, our class is the answer.

This is an hour-long class that will take you through complete warmups and drills while giving you the chance to practice what you’ve learned and gain important skills into your muscle memory. Our teachers have a rich foundation in many different wrestling styles, and when you choose us, we’ll make sure you have the basics right.

Whether you’re wrestling to stay fit or to compete, you’ll get the world-class training you need at Port City Kickboxing Academy.
When you choose us, you choose a welcoming, supportive community. We’re here for you every step of the way whether you’re training to compete or to enjoy a fitter lifestyle. Experience your free class with us today!