1. What Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that brings together grappling and elements of judo to adaptively allow a smaller, weaker person to defend themselves against someone who is larger and stronger. The origins of BJJ are in Judo and Japanese Jujutsu, but it is called Brazilian because it was …Read More

  2. What is Kickboxing?

    What is kickboxing and is it right for you? This guide will help you understand what kickboxing is and if it would be suitable for your goals. If you are looking for a sport where you get to kick some butt as well as work out your entire body, kickboxing might be the sport for you. If you are in Mob…Read More

  3. Port City MMA Goes Undefeated at RMMA in New Orleans!

    Congrats to Port City MMA fighters Mike Barnett, Mark Kolker, and Justin Osborn in their big wins at RMMA in New Orleans on Friday, August 26th! Mike Barnett had a huge win against a very tough BJJ black belt from Brazil. Mark Kolker came away with a big win to take home the welterweight title! And …Read More

  4. Awesome Seminar with Adriano Lucio

    Adriano Lucio, who is a former world champion and a 4th degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, came out this past week to teach a seminar for our adults and kids. We had a really great time and learned a lot of new stuff to add to our martial arts toolbox. A big thanks to Adriano and all who came…Read More

  5. Port City MMA Goes Undefeated at FFI 21

    Once again Port City MMA went undefeated on the night at FFI 21 in Biloxi, MS with all of our fighters finishing their fights. Aaron Dearmond won by KO in round 2, Mark Kolker won by KO in round 2, Justin Osborn won by rear naked choke in round 2, and Justin Prescott won by rear naked choke in round…Read More

  6. Justin Osborn wins Battle of New Orleans Lightweight Championship

    Congrats to Justin Osborn, the new Battle of New Orleans Lightweight Champ! Competition training is one of the many things Port City Kickboxing Academy has to offer for our MMA students. We also offer kids MMA classes, Muay Thai classes, fitness kickboxing, and much more. Sign up for your first less…Read More

  7. Don’t Miss Mike Barnett in Action at Island Fights 42

    Port City MMA Striking Coach Mike Barnett will be in action at Island Fights 42 at the Pensacola Bay Center on October 14th. It should be a great fight against a very tough opponent! Go see his kickboxing skills in action! Mike Barnett also helps teach our kids MMA and kids kickboxing classes. He is…Read More

  8. Congrats Professor Mills on the Promotion!

    Congrats to our head BJJ instructor Professor Jimmy Mills on his promotion to 2nd degree black belt over the weekend. Jimmy was promoted by his instructor, 2013 IBJJF Black Belt Open Class World Champion, Rafael Ellwanger. Professor Jimmy Mills specializes in MMA and Muay Thai, and has multiple cham…Read More

  9. Port City MMA Wrestling Coach, Adam Hicks, Wins Silver at Worlds!

    Congratulations to Port City MMA Wrestling Coach Adam Hicks on his latest victory at Worlds! Adam’s self-discipline inspires us all to work on our own self-improvement. If you are new to MMA and are ready to get started down that rewarding path, sign up for your free mixed martial arts lesson toda…Read More